Facial Range

All productsFrom the Creator: I am very excited to announce the launch of my new Feisty Ferdy Organics facial range, consisting of Double Double anti-oxidant products and Breathe gentle facial products. This has been 7 months in the making and it has been a period of extreme busy-ness! My foray into this facial skincare began with a request; my very good friend, Robyn, asked me if I could develop an anti-oxidant face cream. She gave me a few names – sea buckthorn, carrot, pomegranate, tamanu- and off I went! I experimented with various oils, researched their anti-ageing properties, tested them for their absorption and their skin feel, before I ended up with my special blend.

Why have a little of one special ingredient, when you can have more?

I have noticed that many anti-ageing products contain one or two ‘active ingredients’. The rest of the product is made up of either water or a cheaper ‘filler’. To my way of thinking that’s a waste of space! Why have only one special ingredient, when you can have 12 – 15 ingredients, all working hard to make you look and feel wonderful? So, my hard-hitting, anti-oxidant cream, serum and balm, all have a stack of active ingredients in them. I call them my Double Double Range.

What’s in a name – Double Double?

When I was developing the products in my Double Double range, I spent a lot of time over the stove, stirring my ‘cauldron’, adding mysterious ingredients to make a magical anti-ageing potion. I was not throwing in ‘eye of newt’ or ‘toe of frog’, but I still felt like a sorceress! Into my mind popped the witch’s song from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”:

‘Double double toil and trouble, Fire burn and caldron bubble…’

The resulting mixture of potent, anti-oxidant oils, bursting with vitamins and essential fatty acids, was so beautifully golden, that is almost seemed like magic!

My Double Double range consists of: Double Double Corrective Facial Serum (for troubleshooting problem areas like pigmentation and wrinkles), Double Double Anti-oxidant Face Balm (the serum in balm form – for wickedly dry and mature skin), and Double Double Face Cream (rich, anti-ageing cream).

Breathe – life is beautiful when you have buddies

My hardcore Double Double products are designed for people with dry, mature skin. But skin needs prepping in order for the anti-oxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids to have maximum benefits; so my Double Double products needed buddies! Enter the Breathe products. The Breathe range is formulated to compliment Double Double skincare. They are light-as-air, gentle, nurturing, and as simple as breathing.

The Breathe range is also formulated to combat ageing skin, and is suitable for all skin types including oily and acne-prone skin. They lock in moisture, tone and plump the skin and provide nourishment and hydration. They smooth the complexion and brighten dull skin. The Breathe products consist of: Breathe Gentle Cleansing Oil (thorough, gentle cleaning for all skin types), Breathe Hydrating Mist (for toning and hydration after cleansing and before applying a serum, cream or balm, or for hydrating your skin in drying environments), and Breathe Anti-aging Facial Serum (a wondrously light serum for all skin types; suitable for around the eyes).

I know you will all love these products. I do!