Feisty Ferdy originated from a wish to make safe, effective, pampering skincare for everyone, but we especially love making products for people with ‘problem’ skin. Dry skin, eczema, allergies, cracked and raw, used and abused skin, skin that nothing ‘fixes’ – that’s our specialty!

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Feisty Ferdy aims to make life easier for your skin – our organic skincare has NO NASTY CHEMICALS, especially NO PETROCHEMICALS. And with allergies and sensitivities on the rise, Feisty Ferdy skincare is also totally NUT FREE and GLUTEN FREE. We only put totally NATURAL, and wherever possible, CERTIFIED ORGANIC ingredients into our products, chosen carefully to promote SKIN REPAIR and support SKIN NUTRITION AND HEALTH.

Are you sick of trying all these products advertised as “for dry skin”, “ultra-moisturising”, “for extra-dry skin”? We are! How many times have you bought a product, only to find that it does absolutely nothing? It’s an expensive habit. We think that the people who develop these products have no idea what dry skin truly is. Well, look no further! Feisty Ferdy is HERE!

Feisty Ferdy organic skincare is CRUELTY-FREE – no animal testing, no palm oil. We test our products on our willing family and friends.

Every product is made by hand, with love and care, for you and the planet and everything on it.

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Breathe in. Breathe out. Be happy. Enjoy.