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Welcome to Feisty Ferdy Organics

Our skin is our biggest organ, and its task is to filter out the environmental nasties. It has a really tough job! During our busy lives it has to put up with alot. Air-conditioning, heating, the sun and wind dry the skin. Washing with harsh drying soaps that often fall under the radar due to inadequate ingredient description can damage the skin over the years. Our skin is constantly bombarded by nasty chemicals. Air pollution is a big problem on this planet, and chemicals are used in everything from fire retardants on our furniture, and chemicals used in clothing production, to the products we slather over our face and body in the name of beauty.

Feisty Ferdy’s mission is to make life easier for your skin – our organic skincare has NO NASTY CHEMICALS, especially NO PETROCHEMICALS. And with allergies and sensitivities on the rise, our skincare is also totally NUT FREE and GLUTEN FREE. We only put totally NATURAL, and wherever possible, CERTIFIED ORGANIC ingredients into our products, chosen carefully to promote SKIN REPAIR and support SKIN NUTRITION AND HEALTH.

Feisty Ferdy organic skincare is CRUELTY-FREE – no animal testing, no palm oil. We test our products on our willing family and friends.

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